Corporate Sustainability

Santia and its group of companies strive to embed its corporate values and ethics of Reliability, Trustworthiness and Innovation in the delivery of its corporate sustainability objectives.


We strive to create and maintain an engaged and motivated workforce, by valuing their diversity; providing support and development needed to perform effectively and ensuring they understand the contribution they make to our business.   


Reducing the environmental impact of our business is important to the Santia Group.

We set targets to reduce our carbon emissions year on year and aim to further reduce by 10% in 2014.  We are continuously investigating opportunities to reduce our onsite energy consumption and will review the introduction of dual fuel vehicles by 2016.

By the end of 2014 we are aiming to reduce our paper usage by 50% per employee based on 2011 figures and move to 75% recycling by January 2015.

Health & Safety

It is our goal to act as an exemplar company for the health and safety products we sell.

Charity and Community Participation

Santia and its group of companies support its local community by building trusted partnerships and participating in volunteering days such as Give and Gain.  

We have a charity committee and each year it develops an annual charity fundraising roadmap. We involve our people in the selection of the annual charities to benefit from the charity funds raised and they participate in regular charity events, from dress down days to challenging sporting events.  


Our procurement policy sets out our commitment to responsible sourcing and is communicated to all stakeholders.  It is our aim that by 2015, 50% of our suppliers will commit to our Corporate Sustainability standards.  

We look to purchase fair trade products and source locally where appropriate.