Food Retail

The current climate presents many food safety challenges for retailers, including providing better quality food and having effective traceability, in terms of ingredient provenance and nutritional and allergen labelling.

Managing suppliers and raising standards within food hygiene, good manufacturing practices (GMP), management of allergens, ingredients (including raw materials) and labelling is imperative, in order to minimise product recalls and protect brand integrity.

Developed over 25 years of experience working with a major food retailer, the FSC’s risk assessed approach to managing suppliers, provides retailers with a cost effective and robust food safety solution.  

Utilising our consultancy, auditing and training services, we will help you develop a food safety culture with your suppliers and address quality, traceability and good manufacturing practices.

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Using a balance score card method our experienced food safety consultant’s work with technical and quality teams, to evaluate supplier performance and establish a supplier classification structure and quality assurance programme.

In addition we will work with you to review your current Codes of Practice and/or analyse customer complaints and product recalls.

The FSC offers a range of independent food safety and food hygiene audits to help retailers manage their supply base.

Each audit is conducted by our highly qualified and skilled consultants and is undertaken to ensure compliance against current legislation such as BRC and/or your own Codes of Practice.

Not just a ‘tick box’ exercise

Our consultative approach to audits is a key service differentiator from our competitors.  We ensure that throughout the audit your suppliers are provided with guidance and advice on improving performance, adding value wherever possible ensuring suppliers are not subjected to a “tick box” audit.

Our findings will be provided in a detailed report available to both retailers and suppliers via our integrated business intelligence system erisk.

Furthermore, using our state of the art training facilities in Cardiff and the ambient bakery and high care facilities at Cardiff Metropolitan University; we can develop practical and applied courses to enhance the understanding and performance of your suppliers around your own codes of practice.

As well as managing your suppliers, we also provide retail and franchise store auditing resource, to ensure compliance and consumer protection in relation to both food safety and health and safety.

Our experienced experts will provide your store managers, food safety and health and safety representatives with advice and guidance throughout the audit to ensure and support continuous improvement.  

Putting your staff at ease

Our consultative approach aims to put your staff at ease, adapting our audit questions to make them relevant to their role e.g. "I am a customer with a nut allergy and would like to buy a butter croissant, would it be suitable for me?".  We make sure our questions are fully understood before accepting an answer and re-phase if needed to confirm understanding.

Furthermore we make sure we give praise when a good job is done and offer advice if we think an improvement could be made.

We will hold a closing meeting with your store manager, providing a full explanation of our findings and reasons for decisions. Advice and guidance is given on how best to resolve any issues and what actions are ideal to take.  All of this is followed up with a written report, available through our integrated intelligence system erisk.