Learning Management System

When asked about the types of training deficiencies noted during an audit in the Global Food Safety Training 2014 survey; incomplete training records was listed by 25% of respondents. The FSC through its LMS enables food businesses to record all training activity including eLearning and classroom.

Our best in class cloud base LMS is provided by the FSC/Santia, as part of our eLearning offering to enable delegates to undertake their learning. The system however comes with many additional benefits for FSC customers and can be utilised to record training activity for the entire organisation.

The LMS has the ability to transfer all training records and course material for every learning method and is not restricted to FSC/Santia courses.  

Other additional benefits include:

  • Ability to track delegate course progress including assessment results
  • Invaluable management information that can assist line managers during performance reviews and 1:1’s
  • Improved L&D record keeping, that in turn can help organisations improve their food safety audit scores
  •  Ability to provide food operatives with a flexible learning solution, with the freedom to learning anytime and anywhere, utilising a PC/Laptop, mobile device or tablet, making it ideal for shift workers
  • A cost effective pricing model providing food businesses with ability to purchase  health and safety and food safety training for induction training with no upfront costs and easy budgeting
  • 24/7 admin and technical support
  • Existing eLearning course material can be adapted to include your own policies and procedures or customer codes of practice
  • The LMS can be re-skinned to reflect your own company branding

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